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Expert Consulting offers a comprehensive range of experts across most specialties.

Following  are some examples of the areas of expertise we can offer based on the experts working with us now. It is not a complete list so if you have an enquiry for an area not listed, just contact us with the details and we would be pleased to assist.


Bullying and Discrimination in the Workplace

Workplace bullying is a widely publicised risk to health and safety and is an area where there is increasing demand for experts to address the responsibility of employers, the complaint handling procedure, assess injury and advise on the appropriate policies and practices for prevention and management of the conflict.

We work with Clinical and Organisational Psychologists, Psychiatrists and OH&S professionals including researchers, educators and consultants across these areas who specialise in psychological harassment and intimidation, violence, sexual assault and an analysis of workplace health and safety management systems.

We are well-equipped to handle sensitive claims and welcome both plaintiff and defendant requests for assistance with file reviews, pre-proceedings advice, interviews, training, investigation and reporting.

We work with experts who can assess employer liability on issues ranging from:

Expert ConsultingPhysical Injury in the workplace

In settings such as hospitals, schools and construction sites.

  • Risk management framework, incident and investigation
  • Staff/team roles, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Compliance with Australian Standard and national guidelines including in-house policies

Expert ConsultingOccupational Hygiene

Is a combination of Science and Engineering disciplines. We have access to nationally certified experts who can provide advice on workplace health issues and who can undertake exposure and risk assessments involving:

  • Chemical hazards and storage
  • Ergonomics
  • Physical/ health hazards (for example noise, heat, cold, psychological)
  • Protective apparel
  • Toxicology
  • WHS regulations, codes and relevant standards

Expert ConsultingEmergency Services & Public Safety

Our network of experts draws on their practical expertise to provide expert opinion. However, in addition, they are typically involved in academia  and  provide training and strategies for injury prevention and many also  form part of the committees and working groups which develop polices and national standards. This further strengthens their ability to be an authority on the subject and provide meaningful advice to assist you.

Some of our matters have involved an assessment of the appropriate response, supervision and standard of care in the following areas:

  • Ambulance services
  • Coastal/beach safety and surf life saving education
  • Hospital emergency care
  • Food safety
  • Public play facilities
  • Security – risk and threat assessment
  • Protective equipment

Expert ConsultingErgonomics

A full range of ergonomic services including manual handling, human factors in engineering and design, biomechanics, OH&S risk assessment and visual and workplace ergonomics.

Our experts have diverse industry experience and can apply their expertise to matters in:

  • Construction and mining
  • Health and aged care
  • Retail and manufacturing
  • Transport and logistics

Expert ConsultingSports Science

Sports coaching, exercise physiology, physiotherapy, podiatry are some areas we are able to offer to address sporting accidents, physical education standards and injury prevention and causation. 
Past enquiries have entailed:

  • Fitness industry standards
  • Domestic needs assessment
  • Musculoskeletal injuries & rehabilitation
  • Gym equipment & training regime assessment
  • WHS assessment

Expert ConsultingPlumbing, Fire Protection Services and Installation

Our network of experts has a history of design and practical experience across retail, residential and commercial.  

  • Compliance with AS/NZS 3500 and the Sewerage Code of Australia
  • Contractor obligations
  • Flooding, storm damage and quantum of repairs
  • Manufacturer quality and testing to specifications
  • Roofing and hydraulic drainage
  • Safety auditing
  • Sanitary, stormwater and sewerage drainage systems
  • Services installation and failures of both metallic and plastic piping systems
  • Stainless steel pipe & fittings for building hydraulic services, hot and cold water
  • The extent to which design contributed to the damage/defect

Expert ConsultingConstruction and the Built Environment

Our network of experts includes a number of civil engineers, builders and OH&S professionals who are able to comment on accidents and investigations involving:

  • Cranes
  • Bridges and roadwork
  • Dogging and rigging standards
  • Duties incumbent on employers/ contractors on worksites
  • Property damage, structural issues and building-related costs and rectification works
  • Retaining walls
  • Scaffold collapse, Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) and safety-related issues working at heights
  • Surveying

Expert ConsultingElectrical Engineering

Our electrical engineers, physicists and power engineers are ready to assist in matters involving:

  • Electrical/electronic devices and appliance testing; standards compliance and failure assessment
  • Electrical lighting systems and energy efficiency
  • Electrical safety investigations, including electric shock events, arcing and electrical fires
  • Electronics design, manufacturing and test & measurement
  • Lightning protection and earthing and effects on equipment and systems
  • Power equipment failures (cables, motors, transformers, switchboards, overhead lines)

Expert ConsultingMaterials Science

We often cater to the unusual and lesser known areas of expertise and are regularly tasked with finding an expert in a very narrow field for a specific set of circumstances. In the case of materials science, there are a vast number of applications within this specialisation and we work with professionals across many of them who can assess properties and performance, provide forensic analysis relating to a materials/component failure and comment on the materials selection and processing techniques such as welding or casting. Testing is available using sophisticated scientific equipment and assessment to Australian Standards and the BCA.

Here we highlight some areas we have identified experts in and hope to be able to offer assistance to you as the need arises:

  • Assessment of corrosion damage to mining equipment, industrial machinery and cranes
  • Balcony failures, timber assessment and associated building products
  • Ceramics and glass
  • Flooring, tiles and waterproofing membranes
  • Protective coatings, paint technology and adhesives
  • Evaluating failures of coated steel products
  • Medical implant materials
  • Metallurgical investigation
  • Polymers/plastics: failure of polypropylene piping






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