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The calibre of the expert witnesses with whom we choose to work is the keystone of our service. You can rest assured that the recommendations we make for a particular matter are always qualified by the experts' ability to assist through training and experience honed over many years in their chosen field of specialisation. Furthermore, we select experts for their ability to provide a well-written report which responds to the specific questions, complies with the Rules and can be easily understood by the lay person. 

Each month we will feature an expert in an area of interest. 

To send us comments or feedback or to suggest an area of expertise you would like to see featured, email us at


Anne WyattDr Wyatt is a consummate professional in the area of occupational health and safety and specialises in psychological safety at work, especially in relation to workplace bullying and violence.

With over 32 years in the field as an academic, adviser to industry and policy makers, mediator, educator, trainer and expert witness, Anne has presented at numerous events. Always informative, her style is engaging and she has an infectious sense of humour!

To remain on the cutting edge, Dr Wyatt has always balanced the theoretical and practical aspects of her career. For this reason, she has always divided her time between academic and workplace settings. She has worked as a senior university lecturer but is just as comfortable in a boiler suit in a factory - always digging deeper in order to find out ‘what works’ for all stakeholders.

Dr Wyatt holds a Master Degree in Occupational Health, a Doctorate in Occupational Health and Safety and a Graduate Diploma in Criminology, all from Sydney University, Australia. She also has a background in nursing and psychology. Anne is available to undertake workplace investigations, critically evaluate in-house policies and procedures, provide education and training, executive coaching and expert opinion on workplace bullying and OHS related areas. She has prepared scores of expert opinion reports in the areas of workplace bullying and violence and has given expert witness evidence in District and Supreme Courts.

Together with Dr Carlo Caponecchia from UNSW, Anne authored a book in 2011 entitled:
Preventing Workplace Bullying: An evidence based guide for managers and employees.
It is published in Australia by Allen and Unwin and in the UK by Routledge. The book is available at all major bookstores including on-line stores and direct from the publisher.

As both researchers and educators in the area of workplace bullying, Anne and Carlo are now regarded internationally as authorities on workplace bullying and are regularly sought after as consultants and educators in the public and private sectors.

If you are interested in briefing Dr Wyatt for advice on a current matter or issue, please contact us on 1300 551 765 or email,



"Thanks to the team at ‘Expert Consulting’, they are a fantastic team. Always professional and available to assist when discussing matters over the phone or via email. The communication and delivery of matters is always prompt and well explained. I am happy to work with the team at ‘Expert Consulting’ anytime."

- Peter Denison






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