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Expert Consulting offers a wide range of independent experts who can assist with your matter. 

We do not charge our experts to be listed and there is no charge to clients for the sourcing process.


There are many deciding factors when you embark on engaging an expert witness. More than just specific knowledge in a given discipline, the expert you select needs to haven a number of talents on offer which will fulfil the requirements of being an effective expert for your matter.

  • Peer respect and recognition in an expert’s area of specialisation is an important starting point. We ensure that the candidates we present to you hold memberships to appropriate industry bodies, are leaders in their chosen field and have the specialist technical skills required to assist.
  • Proficient communication skills, ability to assess the documentation for ‘gaps and insights’ and presentation and assessment of evidence beyond and before the written report. Experts need not be advocates in order to suggest to counsel and legal representatives ways in which their case strategy may be improved and highlight issues that may impact upon the evidence. 
  • Run the necessary conflict checks.
  • Review any publications authored by the expert and their previous cases giving evidence on the topic (or similar) of your matter.
  • An understanding of the legal process and procedure is something we actively look for although it is not an essential factor.  We are here to guide the expert and have found some of the best ‘first-time’ and ‘occasional’ experts who simply have the latest technical knowledge on industry standards and practices and a knack for making their complex topics easily digestible for lay people to understand. That said, the experts we work with have a clear understanding of the Expert Witness Code of Conduct and their obligations as an expert witness.  
  • An important factor is undoubtedly how much is it going to cost to secure a report. We can discuss the estimated fees upfront. The rate is ultimately set by the professional but we offer guidance to experts on their fee structure and can negotiate on your behalf according to the budget for each matter. We will issue you with a fee estimate for consideration and seek approval of the terms prior to any work being undertaken.

We afford you access to only the best independent expert witnesses.

Realising that the majority of matters where expert opinion is sought won’t make it to trial, the emphasis is on matching you with an expert who is able to communicate effectively their opinions and technical knowledge in order to facilitate a clear reasoning to assist with the early resolution of the issues in dispute.

Please see our Expert Briefing Form if you would like us to start the search for you.







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